What should you know before agreeing to guarantee a loan?

Loan Guarantee

If a lender suspects a borrower may not be able to repay a loan, they may request that a third-party (guarantor) guarantee repayment of the loan and/or performance of the obligations of the borrower. So what do you need to know before becoming a guarantor? What is a guarantor? A guarantor is someone who agrees […]

Separating your intellectual property from your business entity

Separating Intellectual Property

Ordinarily, your intellectual property rights would be owned and registered in your business entity. The question then turns to whether separating your intellectual property from your business entity is the preferred approach? The short answer, yes! In conducting a business you will inevitably create and improve upon intellectual property which can include (without limitation): While […]

What is the difference between employees and contractors

Employee Contractor

As an employer it is crucial that you understand the difference between employees and contractors. The obvious benefit of engaging a contractor is that you don’t have to remit tax and superannuation payments to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) on their behalf. However, misclassifying your employee as a contractor can have significant consequences. What is […]