Tax Audit

We take control of the entire process and resolve the review or audit so you don’t have to pay additional tax, interest and penalties or face criminal prosecution.

How can we help?

The relationships we have developed with senior state and federal taxation officers means we have an in depth understanding of how tax authorities conduct reviews and audits.

We use this knowledge and experience to minimise and manage the tax implications that could arise from a review or audit of your taxation affairs.

How it works?

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We know that taxation authorities and taxpayers do not always see eye to eye, which is why we listen to understand how we can help you.

Call us on (02) 8287 3118 or email us at [email protected] and we’ll take time to consider your situation so that we can determine the best course of action and next steps.

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We review your tax affairs

We understand and appreciate the receiving a letter informing you that your affairs are being reviewed or audited can be aa stressful experience.

We gather all the important information needed to assess the circumstances that triggered the review or audit, and provide you with advice as to the prospects of overcoming the audit issues.


We take control of the audit process

Based on our thorough understanding of your situation and goals, we’ll engage with the tax authority in order to minimise and manage the tax implications that could arise from the review or audit of your taxation affairs.

If the audit results in an unfavourable assessment, we’ll object to the assessment, apply to have interest and penalties remitted and negotiate repayment of the tax debt so you can avoid legal or debt recovery action.

Why respond to a tax audit?

Tax Debt Reduction

By responding to a review or audit, we have the opportunity to negotiate and potentially reduce your primary tax debt through the correction of facts, identification of errors, and application of defences.

Resolution of Discrepancies

If discrepancies or errors are identified during the review or audit, responding promptly and cooperatively by providing clarification and supporting documentation can help resolve these issues more efficiently. 

Prevention of Further Action

Responding to a tax review or audit in a timely and thorough manner can mitigate the risk of additional penalties or legal consequences and prevent tax authorities from taking further enforcement actions against you.

Peace of Mind

Addressing a tax review or audit promptly can provide peace of mind, knowing that you are fulfilling your obligations as a taxpayer and taking proactive steps to ensure compliance with tax laws.

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